Online Counseling/Teletherapy

My practice has recently transitioned to online counseling or teletherapy. Here are some positives and challenges with online counseling/teletherapy. 

The positives are: 

1. You can do your session from the privacy of your home or sometimes office. All you need is a private setting, a  desktop computer, laptop, or pad and a strong wifi signal.  You can even  use your phones from a parked car if you have strong cell signal. 

2. It can save time. Teletherapy means that you no longer have to live close to or commute to your sessions. Many of my clients have  discovered they preferred online sessions because they would otherwise have to drive 45-60 minutes  if they came to my office. 

3. My license does not not allow me to do online counseling with clients that live out of state but  I can  do online counseling with clients who live anywhere in California. This has been wonderful for clients who have moved to another part of the state but would like to continue  their therapy with me or who live in an area  lacking  adequate services, and occasionally clients looking for a therapist who specializes in a particular issue.

4. Some clients don't like waiting rooms or have a hard time leaving their home for appointments due to childcare issues, health issues, transportation issues or anxiety.

5. Online counseling allows me to offer a lower fee. 

The challenges:

1. Some people prefer being face to face with a therapist. This is understandable and if that's the case for you, online counseling may not be a good fit. 

2. For a variety of reasons not all clients are appropriate for online counseling.

3. Some clients may not have wifi or their wifi signal is too weak.

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